The development of stainless steel production technology and its impact on hygiene

Autor: Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk, e-mail It was only at the turn of the 18th century that serious discussion began on the topic of hygiene and bacteriology. It was in the...

Środowisko BIM z ATT

Export Sales Executive Od 2020 roku pracuje z klientami z Wielkiej Brytanii, Irlandii oraz krajów DACHL. W ciągu ostatnich lat firma ATT konsekwentnie umieszcza swoje produkty w bibliotece modeli BIM. BIM (Building Information Modelling), to...

Consider this before investing in drainage systems

Drainage systems generally represent a relatively small part of the total investment budget (...)

ATT BIM: Access Covers

Many building component manufacturers are still unaware of the many opportunities that come from having digital models of their products.

ATT’s BIM Library

Using the 3D technology is becoming more and more common for the industry, both on the part of the designer, manufacturer and the investor himself. BIM models are just no more no less smart 3D product models.

CAINOX – from simple meeting to business relationships

CAINOX is a well-known Brand in the Spanish market, who at that time had a business partnership with a very strong international drainage supplier, delivering high quality products.

Stainless steel drains vs Polymer concrete drains

Maintaining high hygienic standards in food processing areas requires the use of drainage, which makes it easier to keep them clean. Stainless steel drains manufactured by ATT INOX DRAIN are a proven solution for this type of production.

Polish-Belgium short story about networking with beer production in background

Quick look on how longlife cooperation was started through good relations and first small steps.

What we think about Stainless steel drains and Polymer concrete drains

Maintaining high hygiene standards in food processing areas requires the use of dehydration, which makes it easier to keep them clean. Stainless steel drains manufactured by ATT are a proven solution for this type of production.


In recent years, there has been a kind of "boom" in the expansion of swimming pool infrastructure in Poland. We seem to be making up for the huge negligence of previous years in a truly express pace. More indoor swimming pools, aquaparks, thermal and brine pools are rising in our country like mushrooms after the rain.

Interview: History and Technology of ATT

The beginning of our activity is sales, not production. What pushed us to start it was the inefficiency of the producers known to us and their lack of trust in us as sellers. It's hard to sell material for individual projects without a trade credit and a minimum of commitment from the producer.

The development of stainless steel production and its impact on hygiene technology

The use of hygienic materials is only half the battle in assuring food safety on the production line; the other crucial element
is the way in which the individual elements are constructed from this material. To achieve a satisfactory product quality that meets the highest hygienic standards, it is essential to implement best practices in hygiene starting as early as the design stage.

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