We recommend the company ATT Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy supplier of stainless steel components and a contractor for installation and assembly work.

Krzysztof Kraczkowski
Head of the production department

With full responsibility we can recommend ATT as a professional entity, including in the scope of supply and assembly of technological installations, drainage and a wide range of stainless steel components.

Roman Sobczyk

All delivered elements were of the highest quality, solid and durable, which guarantees a long service life.

Roman Woźnica
Technical Director

ATT Sp. z o.o. supplied drainage channels, drains and other stainless steel installation components with complex mileage and technical solutions.

Kazimierz Wiercigroch
Chief Engineer

ATT Sp. z o.o. delivered to the site of our poultry meat processing plant linear and point drainage.

Igor Kaszewski
Deputy Director of Meat Processing Industry CEDROB S.A.

We can confidently recommend ATT Inox Drain to anyone looking for a reliable supplier of stainless steel products, and more specifically: drainage systems and fittings (such as gland carts). The best recommendation of the company will be the fact that we have been using its services for several years and the cooperation has never disappointed us.

Władysław Wolarek

ATT Inox Drain has been our regular drainage system supplier for several years now.

Dariusz Dudek

Excellent knowledge of the industry as well as professionalism and competence of employees mean that the products of the company ATT Sp. z o.o. are very precisely made.

Janusz Tkacz
Sales Director

We confirm the timely delivery and execution of point and line drainage from stainless steel by ATT Sp. z o.o. at the Piwowarska Campaign in Poznań.

Stanisław Bisingler
Technical Director

We are satisfied with the realization carried out. Both the quality of the delivered elements and the course of installation deserve our positive opinion.

Marcin Bojanowicz

With full responsibility, ATT Sp. z o.o. we can recommend and recommend as a supplier of stainless steel products.

Krzysztof Grygiel
Project Manager

As an investor, we can recommend ATT Sp. z o.o. as a professional supplier of drainage and installation parts made of stainless steel.

Andrzej Gardziel
Carlsberg Construction Supervision Inspector

The company carries out the commissioned tasks in a professional and efficient manner. It is a good business partner in providing solutions used in food industry plants.

Marcin Bedlin
Director of Okocim Brewery

The company ATT Sp. z o.o. implemented the following project: Execution and assembly of Water Supply Installations at the waterfront 77 at the war port in Świnoujście.

Jarosław Brylowski

Firma ATT dostarczała i montowała: odwodnienia liniowe i punktowe, odboje i odbojniki, wózki wędzarnicze i kosze sterylizacyjne. Rekomendujemy firmę ATT Sp. z o.o. jako solidną, wiarygodną i w pełni przygotowaną do kompleksowego wykonania zleconych im...

Arkadiusz Pawlak
Head of Investment Projects Thai Union Poland Sp. o.o.

Firma ATT Sp. z o.o dostarczyła dla Indyk-Śląsk odwodnienia ze stali nierdzewnej. Całość projektu została zrealizowana terminowo z dbałością o szczegóły. Jakość otrzymanych produktów, wysoki standard pracowników firmy jak i terminowość dostawy utwierdzają nas w przekonaniu, że to niezawodny i godny zaufania...

Rafał Wojtacha
President of the Board Indyk-Śląsk

ATT lieferte Bodenabläufe und Kastenrinnen aus Edelstahl für unseren Neubau.
Wir empfehlen ATT Inox als ein zuverlässiger Geschäftspartner weiter.

Stefan Krämer

In 2020 haben wir bei ATT Edelstahl-Schlitzrinnen bestellt. In 2022 haben wir zusätzlich ATT Schachtabdeckungen und moderne, hygienische Bodenabläufe laut EHEDG Richtlinien liefern lassen.
Wir betrachten ATT Inox als zuverlässiger Geschäftspartner.

Thomas Loosen

ATT Sp. z o. o. has consistently delivered and installed drainage solutions across our brewery locations in Brzesko, Sierpc and Szczecin. Their expertise in both delivery and installation has been crucial in ensuring the efficiency and hygienic safety of our production processes.

Jonasz Januszewski

The quality of the products manufactured by ATT Inox Drain, is a top-shelf standard, meeting the most stringent standards characteristic of food plants.

Dagmara Chlipała
Production Director

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