Food production, chemical, and pharmaceutical plants require adherence to particularly strict hygiene requirements. These include covering contact places between a floor and a wall, as well as walls and a ceiling, where dirt and moisture may accumulate, thus creating conditions contributing to the growth of bacteria. Stainless steel kerbs are an excellent and functional solution to avoid the problem of bacterial contamination and dirt accummulation. The product is designed
to fit to wall panels as well as concrete structures to effectively protect these surfaces. ATT’s product line of kerbs is supplemented by finishing elements such as internal and external corners. At the connection between kerbs and the floor, appropriate sealing substances, resistant to strong disinfecting agents and high temperatures, are used. The product range includes both kerbs that tightly
adhere to the panels, and those filled with concrete,
and then closed with special covers.

- austenitic stainless steel with the markings AISI3014, EN 1.4301 and AISI316L, EN 1.4404
- standard manufactured in 1000 [mm] sections
- finishing elements: internal and external corners
- tightly adhering to the panels
- filled with concrete and closed with special lids
Product use
- zakłady przemysłu spożywczego
- browary i rozlewnie napojów
Standards / Certifications
ATT_certificates protective elements

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