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Leaflet with hygienic solutions: Download

EHEDG is an organization established in 1989. Associates food manufacturers, food processing companies, and manufacturers of equipment and machinery for the food industry. Its goal is to support and guide safety and continuous quality improvement in these specific sectors.


Raising awareness of maintaining strict hygienic standards in design, providing studies and solutions. Creating a platform to popularize our knowledge and facilitate networking between companies around the world.


– membership in an active international network
– guidance in the form of professional papers covering multiple industries
– training for industry and the academic community
– certification in accordance with standards based on the results of the latest research and modern technology

EHEDG’s leadership in the region

ATT Sp. z o. o. officialy represents the EHEDG institution in this (Eastern) part of Europe. 20 years of experience and the production of solutions that meet hygiene standards, among others, have allowed us to develop methods and tools that are in line with global trends. Thanks to EHEDG also your products and services can be recognized in different countries.

Benefits of joining the organization

– Access to a wide range of knowledge and experience in hygienic design.
– Access to an international network of companies.
– Opportunity to work with experts in your industry.
– Positioning your company internationally.
– Saving resources by increasing production/service delivery efficiency.





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