Polish-Belgium short story about networking with beer production in background


Below you can find short conversation between:
Bert De Waegenaer, Isokonstrukt
Erwin De Waele, Isokonstrukt
Adrian Majchrzak, ATT

BW: I met ATT brand during ANUGA 2015 fair in Cologne. While conversation with Adrian Majchrzak, Key Account Manager for Benelux in ATT, we came into conclusion that ATT’s portfolio of drainage systems might complement Isokonstrukt offer for Belgium market.

AM: Analysing market potential and possible synergy generated by cooperation between companies, we very quickly found several Belgian projects that ATT and Isokonstrukt was currently involved in. It was an excellent signal to start planning a roadmap of joint market presence.

BW: The first visit to ATT was very informative. Together with top management of Isokonstrukt we went through deep introduction of ATT’s products portfolio, we understood strategic management plans towards international business expansion and learnt about production processes in Krakow. Information provided during our meeting in Krakow and in Lokeren led us to conclusion that we got opportunity to strengthen Isokonstrukt local presence with firm Polish partner and high quality product. Decision was taken, Isokonstrukt Product Manager – Erwin De Waele, was appointed to introduce ATT within Isokonstrukt structures as well as promote drainage systems among our existing customers and incoming projects.

AM: The beer story of course starts when we had long lasting strategic business consultation in Krakow by night … however our first joint assignment was for AB Inbev Jupille. ATT already provided drainage for the site of AB Inbev in Leuven Belgium (bottling plant of Stella Artois). We worked out plans and details of the drainage channels together with the client and the contractor. Then the gutters were put into production and we completed the assembly in no time. The process of drainage installation was supervised by ATT’s installation manager, who watched over the quality of service provided. After several training sessions, it was an excellent opportunity to learn by doing for Isokonstrukt staff.

EW: It was relatively nice project. We provided:

  • 800 meters of drainage channels with an external width of 380 mm with a reinforced anti-slip mesh grid in stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Double reinforced edge with a solid stainless steel rod against mechanical and thermal stress
  • Assembly of pieces up to 6 meters and welding on site instead of using screwable coupling flanges
  • 39 manhole covers 800 x 800 mm, both tileable and with checker plate with load class D400.

After that job, Jupiler tastes even better providing flavour of the success story.

AM: Yes, that was the start. Now we are 6 years later, we have large number of projects executed and we are still hungry for new developments. Both companies expanded in terms of technology, quality, competences and market presence, so we still can benefit from this interesting synergy.

Together Isokonstrukt – dealer/installer and ATT – producer aim to offer complex solution starting from engineering and technology consulting, through drawings and production to final installation of drainage, as well as after sales technical assistance. Most important features we could list is:

  • CE – certified product,
  • TUV RHEINLAND – inspected workshop and production procedures,
  • EHEDG and EN norm led hygienic design of products
  • Customization of projects and complex service
  • Qualified and experienced personnel
  • Own engineering and installation
  • Extensive (global) references

What would be our latest most interesting development? I would say we are developing so called Models Library … we build a virtual library where our customers would be able to download technical content of our products. I believe it is very important to support our partners in BIM management of construction processes. Please feel free to visit and download drawings and specification materials: models.att.eu

EW: Projects I am most proud of? I must mention: AB InBev Jupille, AB InBev Diekirch, Pepsico Veurne, Farm Frites Lommel, Colruyt FFS Halle, Dekeyzer-Ossaer Koekelare, … and so much more. My special thanks and appreciation in this story go out to; the Isokonstrukt-ATT installation team for their hard working and always delivering a perfect result, also to ATT for their great drain solutions and technical support, and last but not least to Adrian Majchrzak for the magnificent corporation, follow up… All together we can be proud of what we already realised in these five years, and look forward to a next satisfied customer!

AM: I would add also that every project is interesting, small or big, doesn’t matter. Every project with dedicated products for several industries, from slaughterhouses to breweries, from industrial kitchens to food producers, etc.

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