Installation of line and point drainage systems

  • Protection and isolation of machinery and equipment adjacent to the works
  • Measurements and demarcation of sewage and drainage systems
  • Diamond cutting, forging concrete, removal and disposal of debris
  • Adaptation of sewage systems and drains to those designed for drainage
  • Installation of line or / and point drainage systems on appropriate elevations with keeping linearity
  • Supplementing the tranche with concrete in the required required class, vibrated and seized
  • Cleaning of drainage and installation of accessories and grates
  • Acceptance activities, as-built documentation

Installation of steel, stainless and acid-resistant structures

  • Carrying out measurements, checking and corrections in the investor’s project
  • Performing measurements, agreeing the course of the structure, preparing the project and calculations by the constructor, approving the whole by the investor
  • Prefabrication of structures at the ATT Production Plant
  • Customer transport and unloading
  • Assembly (welding, screwing, riveting etc.) at the investor’s premises
  • Cleaning and passivation of welds, leveling and anchoring of structures
  • Acceptance activities, as-built documentation

Assembly and prefabrication of technological pipelines

  • Execution concerns steel pipelines (including stainless steel or carbon steel) PVC, PP, HDPE, gel or stoneware
  • Dismantling of old pipelines
  • Preparation and laying out of newly designed pipelines.
  • Installation of substructures, slings and points, fixed or preparation of tranches under the floor
  • Delivery and assembly of pipes and fittings depending on the type of material (welding, welding, screwing)
  • The pipelines apply to both media such as water, steam, compressed air and sewage lines with varying degrees of aggressiveness and temperature.
  • Acceptance activities, as-built documentation

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