Modular Manhole covers

Modular manhole covers

ATT’s offer includes the production of modular gas-tight manholes, consisting of segments in one frame with removable crossbars. Constructed according to customer specifications and taking into account the functionalities resulting from the conditions of use. It is possible to manufacture manholes for different types of filling.

Manhole covers are available in various options and sizes. They are widely used in industrial and public facilities, i.e. in shops, exhibition halls, restaurants, workshops, warehouses, parking lots, and other places where access to underfloor installations is required.

The basic filling of the manhole cover is concrete class C35/45 and a smooth or corrugated steel plate. Alternative filling is, for example, floor tiles, resin, paving stones.

Manhole covers are made of 2 or 3 [mm] thick stainless steel sheet of AISI 304 or AISI 316. This material allows applying products in places with strict hygenic requirements.

Manhole covers consist of upper and lower parts bolted to ensure safe closure. The product reinforcement is made of “black steel” B500SP. An O-ring seal between the lower and upper parts is applied.


– easy access to underfloor technological installations

– isolation against odours

– waterproof

– simple opening system

– high durability

– aesthetic design


    Category of interest:

    - austenitic stainless steel grade AISI304/316
    - designed and manufactured according to the customer's requirements
    - easy access to underfloor installations
    - gas/watertightness
    - simple opening system
    - high durability
    - handle for opening
    - lifters: painted, galvanized, stainless steel
    - option: full plate
    - safety mesh
    - ladders
    Standards / Certifications

    Manhole Covers

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