Public facilities

ATT products are widely used in the implementation of investments in housing and public buildings. ATT presents a range of bathroom drainage systems consisting of point drains and channels used to drain water from shower rooms. Slot channel systems are provided to drain water from pool rooms, the entrances of which are equipped with disinfection passages. A wide selection of revision hatches allows access to the building’s infrastructure. Investors are offered the design, production and installation of handrails in staircases and terraces, as well as small architecture and construction elements made of stainless steel. The offer closes with a selection of external drainage for buildings and bumpers limiting access to parts of public spaces for motor vehicles.

The ATT product catalog is supplemented with a technical consultancy service provided by multi-disciplinary teams consisting of designers, technologists and technical employees. The company also has assembly brigades that cover the installation of prefabricated elements in a production plant.