Outdoor public space

ATT is a producer of drainage for terraces, pavements and squares. The offer also includes elements of “small architecture”, located among others in parks and squares (stainless steel benches or stainless waste bins). Among many implementations, the balustrade of the cascade stairs of the National Stadium and drainage in front of the main entrance to the Sky Tower in Wrocław deserve special attention. We were also entrusted with making stainless lawn edges, which were fixed in Wilanów gardens.

The company is also a supplier of linear drainage systems used in underground parking lots. Stainless steel resistant to calcium chloride and a properly selected load class make it a durable solution that is used in an increasing number of public buildings.

The scope of competence includes assembly and cyclical maintenance of products supplied by us. We work with many architectural offices and design studios, which allows for optimal selection of both steel grade, surface finish, as well as design solutions.