Shower bases

Bathroom shower bases are made of stainless steel
with the AISI 304 symbol. They are produced using
decorative sheet metal of 1.25 [mm] thickness.
Circle-shaped embossing gives the structure the
required stiffness and at the same time provides anti-
slippery protection. Drainage to the sewage system
is carried out via bathroom outlets available on the

- austenitic stainless steel with markings 1.4301 (AISI304)
- decorative metal panel with a thickness of 1.25 mm
- embossing in the shape of wheels provide the structure with the required rigidity and at the same time perform a non-slip function
- standard 900x900 mm
Product use
- all rooms for people with disabilities located in facilities such as health centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums
- bathroom equipment in residential premises, sports facilities, production plants
- easy to clean
- the possibility of using strong disinfectants
- antibacterial effect of stainless steel
- easy access to the chamber / shower cubicle on a wheelchair without fear of damaging the structure and encountering any obstacles
- easy assembly
- aesthetic appearance
Standards / Certifications
ATT_certificates drainage systems

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