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Business News Summer Edition

We encourage you to read our latest business news📄. It's only a few minutes of reading, but you will be up to date with the ATT💪🏼.

CAINOX – from simple meeting to business relationships

CAINOX is a well-known Brand in the Spanish market, who at that time had a business partnership with a very strong international drainage supplier, delivering high quality products.

ATT in paper pulp industry

You might think that water💧 and paper-like📜 products are not a very good combination, but it turns out that this kind of production uses quite a lot of water.

Round Manhole Covers – BIM files

BIM files with ATT Round Manhole Covers are ready!


It's easy. Use ATT BIM. Avoid additional costs. Save money.

ATTtech series

Welcome to the ATTtech series👷🏽, where you'll find knowledge in a nutshell, containing key informations about the industry and our company.

If mineral water, then only with ATT.

Another water bottling plant used our proven solutions. We delivered our drainage systems and protective elements for a leading producer of mineral waters in southern Poland.

Stainless steel drains vs Polymer concrete drains

Maintaining high hygienic standards in food processing areas requires the use of drainage, which makes it easier to keep them clean. Stainless steel drains manufactured by ATT INOX DRAIN are a proven solution for this type of production.

Floor Boxes drawings available

We just want to announce you can download from now pdf files with floor boxes drawings made by ATT.

Industrial Wash Basins

If you are still considering choosing a supplier of such products - write to us. Sending an e-mail does not cost anything, but maybe we can help with your project.

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