Slot channels

Slot channels

Slot channels are an alternative solution to standard channels, used in places where high hydraulic capacity of the channel is not required.
The perfect solution for rooms where condensate drips from machines and air conditioning devices, e.g. in dairies, bakeries and swimming pools, as separation between dry and wet surfaces.

– they may be connected to other types of channels


Slot channels are made of stainless steel sheets of
1.5-2 [mm] thickness. They can be non-slope and may be also adapted to a particular floor thickness.

Drainage of water from a slot channel may be provided through a spigot or a floor drain with a waste basket and a trap. By standard, the length of a channel with a single outlet should not exceed 10 [m]. Channel sections longer than 4 [m] are connected via sealed flanges or they can also be welded during installation.


MINI slot channels are made of 1.5 [mm] stainless steel sheets. The channel is not covered with any grating. It is characterised by a smaller inlet opening and clearance
width. They are used in applications where lower amounts of wastewater are drained.


MAXI slot channels are made of 2 [mm] stainless steel sheets. The channel is not covered with any grating, and it is characterised by increased hydraulic efficiency compared to standard channels. It is characterised by a greater inlet opening and clearance width. It is used wherever it is necessary to drain greater amounts of wastewater and, due to the production process (lack of large solid contamination), there is no need to use a standard channel.


The mini type standard channel combines the advantages of standard and slot channels. This is a channel of small dimensions with a covering grating. Channels of this type are installed wherever small amounts of water must be drained and it is necessary to use a channel with a possibility to install a rodding eye. By standard, stainless steel sheets of 1,5-2 [mm] thickness made of AISI 304 or AISI 316 grade steel are used for production.

The slot channels and mini standard channel are equipped with levelling bolts and anchoring elements. The technology of installation and further operation is the same as with standard channels.


    Category of interest:


    - stainless steel AISI304/316 (1.4301/1.4404)
    - sheet thickness: 2 [mm]
    - as a standard, the length of the channel with one outflow should not exceed 10 [m]
    - channel sections longer than 4 [m] are connected with flanges
    - it is also possible to weld the sections during assembly
    - load classes: A15, B125, C250, D400
    - blend well as an architectural element
    - they are a cheaper solution than gutter channels
    - it is possible to combine them with other types of channels
    - easy assembly on site
    Standards / Certifications
    ATT_certificates drainage systems

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