Industrial floor drains

ATT floor drains are available in several variants. The type of drain depends on the load class, grate functionality, amount of water drained and design parameters (e.g. ceiling thickness).

- austenitic stainless steel with the markings AISI3014, EN 1.4301 and AISI316L, EN 1.4404
- sheet thickness adapted to the type of drain
- upper part of the drain: 200 × 200, 250 × 250,300 × 300 and 400 × 400 mm, Ø200, Ø255 mm
- drain diameter from DN50 to DN200
- load class: H1,5; K3; L15; R50; M125; N250
- grates: anti-slip, grid, perforated, plate gratings
Product use
- places where hygiene requirements, corrosion resistance and durability play a key role: e.g. food, pharmaceutical, chemical processing factories, kitchens, hospitals, public buildings
Standards / Certifications
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