Aluminium manholes

Aluminium manhole covers are used in industrial and public facilities: in shops, exhibition halls, restau- rants, workshops, and warehouses, wherever access to underfloor installations is required. Floor tiles, terracotta or other materials can be used as finishing material of the upper part of a manhole cover. Products are avail-
able in various options and sizes. These elements provide a barrier against oudours and liquids. Three series are available: KA-light, KA-heavy and KA- extra heavy.

- aluminium
- 400x400 [mm] to 1000x1000 [mm]
- KA light
- KA heavy
- KA extra heavy
Product use
- municipal infrastructure
- industrial facilities
- civil (hotels, shoppping malls)
Standards / Certifications
ATT_certificates external drainage

Manhole Covers

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