Food industry

The food industry is the main industry to which ATT directs its offer. The product portfolio dedicated to food processing plants includes complete drainage systems designed according to the highest hygiene standards, defined in cooperation with international organizations such as European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group, The flooring offer is completed by a range of inspection hatches, floor finishing elements: buffer tiles and expansion strips as well as protective products: wall plinths, bumpers and protective barriers.

Food producers are dedicated to systems ensuring production hygiene and furniture constituting factory equipment. ATT provides its customers with a full range of transport trolleys in the basic catalog, as well as solutions prepared according to the customer’s specifications.

The production department related to special constructions enables clients to cooperate on individual solutions such as platforms / platforms, technical transitions, support structures, pipelines constituting technological processes, elements of machines and construction lines.

The ATT product catalog is supplemented with a technical consultancy service provided by multi-disciplinary teams consisting of designers, technologists and technical employees. The company also has assembly brigades that cover the installation of prefabricated elements in a production plant.