Breweries and bottling plants

As one of the few companies, ATT works with most major brewery and beverage producer groups. We supply and install both specialist (intended for the brewing industry) line and point drainage systems, inspection hatches, technological platforms, service platforms, passages over technological lines.

Regular customers: Kompania Piwowarska, Grupa Żywiec and Carlsberg Polska. We have carried out assembly works many times in the field of technological installations and modernization of the brewing infrastructure. ATT (having its own design office) actively participates in the design work, supporting clients with their experience.

Among the recipients there are also numerous bottling plants. The specificity of production requires the use of drainage, which quickly drains significant amounts of water from the floor during the production process. The company has provided a number of drainage lines, including to the water bottling plant Żywiec Zdrój (Danone), Muszynianka, Bewa, Food Care, Sokpol, Pepsico, Coca-Cola.